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Spring Anime Season 2011 Final Thoughts:

Hey everybody! Today im going to review the anime i watched this past season! Ill give what i liked and didn’t like about each. Enjoy!

***2 coer shows will only be reviewed 1-13*** (im still going to watch them next season)

AnoHana-9.3/10: I went into this show expecting a little bit of slice of life and minimal drama. HO-LY CRAP I WAS WRONG. This show was the one i loved this season. Every episode was near perfect. The ending was also, perfect. Every moment in this anime i felt like i was right there with every character. There were times i thought the crying was a bit much. There were also animation drops, plot holes, and little development on a few characters. But what can you expect from such a short anime? Seeing as this was anime-original, i say they did a excellent job. Overall, this anime has been on my mind all week and probably the drama to beat this year! Over all, AnoHana is a great anime with well developed characters, a great story, and fluid animation. Anohana scores a 9.3 out of 10!

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko-7/10: Denpa was something i went into without knowing anything about it except SHAFT was animating it. I have a lot of respect for shaft, and almost anything they do, i will watch without a doubt. I mean they did freaking madoka and bakemonogatari, which are 2 of my favorite anime of all time! But enough about shaft, let’s talk about this anime. My main problem with this anime, was that I could never tell where it would go. I mean I thought it would be some sort of sci-fi. NOPE. Then a romance. NOPE. Comedy? NOPE. Drama? NOPE. Well where the heck does it go? Who even knows. I mean when it fit into all of those genres at one point or another, they did a great job! I especially loved the romance and “puberty points”. I thought all the girls where diverse enough to where they didn’t have a certain niche, but where they could still be well-liked. Most of the characters entertained me and I enjoyed watching them grow. But Erio. Erio erio erio. FREAKIN MOE BLOB THAT SITS THERE AND DESUS LIKE A WEEABOO ON CRACK. I mean i loved her story arc in the beginning, but after that it went down hill. She was useless. Maekawa’s route was the one i wanted. She had a great personality, but still loved our little transfer student. Heck the icing on the cake is that she is hot in whatever she wears. Ryuushi was a bit annoying, but her route was also an option in episode 6. Meme…she was like Ami from toradora all grown up maaaaan. And sadly, shes stealing Makoto’s heart the most out of all of them. I mean if your harem is a tall cosplayer, short chihuahua, your mental cousin, or you striper aunt, i would go with the cosplayer! IDK but over all i enjoyed the romance aspect, the first arc, SHAFT, and the seiyuus. I DIDN’T however, like the directions it took, the story, or the incest routes. Over all, Denpa Onna gets a solid 7 out of 10. It was decent, but ill probably forget i watched it in a few weeks. 

GOSICK-8.2/10: Studio Bones who have done awesome mainstream anime like FMA and Soul Eater launched their new mystery series, GOSICK back in Winter 2010. I was expecting some sort of Kuroshitsuji for guys, sadly i did not get that. I did, however, GOSICK. Gosick started off the normal mystery anime where they solve basic mysteries and the main character somehow understands it within a few episodes. That was until about episode 8 or 9. They showed us how strong the bond between Victorique and Kujou( the protagonists) was. The anime wasn’t about the mystery at all! It was about the relationship between two outsiders and how they were torn apart. The mysteries were just an excuse to try and break these two up! I did enjoy the arcs, the characters, and the plot a lot! Because in the end, it all came together! Now Bones did pull the thing where the first half is great, and after that it starts to fall apart. Episodes 20-the first half of 24 were a trainwreck. They crammed too much into too little. Which is Gosick’s downfall. There is just too much plot and not enough time to explain it. I’m sure the novels are REALLY good and if i ever got the chance to read it I would. I was so sure this anime was gonna fall flat on it’s face, but then, it didn’t. It was such a beautiful ending for such a great anime! I really hope this anime becomes popular in America, i would love to see a fandom for it! Overall, Gosick is a good anime that you will enjoy it or you won’t. I score it a 8.2 out of 10.

Hanasaku Iroha (1-13)-8.7/10: Hanasaku Iroha. This anime is being done by P.A. works who we all know and worship. This is there first anime longer than 13 episodes, which could be a gamble for them. So far, this anime was probably one of the better this season! I can’t wait to see how it will unfold. In the first episode, i was blown away. The production quality was superb and the characters were all so real! Then it took a little slope downhill until…EPISODE 11. 11 and 12 are the episodes that sold me. They brought us back to the first episode where they blew us away. Everything was just so good, i rewatched it twice. And i RARELY rewatch stuff. Right now, i’m excited. I can’t wait to see where they will take it! I’ll be happy if it stays a slice of life, but i would die of happiness if the drama escalated even higher!!! I will give more at the end of this series, but i just cant wait to see more! If you aren’t watching this show, i recommend it a LOT.

Nichijou(1-13)-6.5/10: Oh KyoAni what the fudge have you done this time? You made another lucky star-keion but it’s NOT GOOD. This is a comedy slice of life that for the most part, i am entertained! A whole lot! I laugh hard at least once per episode! Don’t let my low score fool you, this anime is great! But i feel like ive seen it before. It has picked up lately and it’s getting funnier and funnier. I just hope it doesn’t fail us!I will give more at the end, but all i can say is that if you like comedy, watch it! You will laugh a lot! Just know its Lucky Star with less otaku and more random stuff falling from the sky. For now, this series has a 6.5 out of 10.

The World God Only Knows II-8.0/10: THIS. SHOW. This show is so good! I mean, REALLY REALLY REALLY good. The plot, animation, comedy to drama ratio, and the characters are all astounding. My main problem is that i just don’t know where its going. Maybe its just too simple to go anywhere else, but i just wish the plot was taken further. It’s a good clean series with no ecchi (THANK THE LORD) and good comedy. Lots of references and good for anyone wanting to watch a solid series with a bunch of cute girls. Much like the first season, this anime surprised me and makes me want a third season! TWGOK2 gets 8 out of 10.

Welp, those were the shows i spend my last 13-24 weeks with. I do have a few regrets. I wish i could have made time for: Tiger and Bunny, Steins;Gate, and Ao No Exorcist. I heard all 3 of those series have really kicked it up a notch this season. I will probably end up watching T&B because i know it’ll come over here. Steins;Gate is wierdy cause if it ends well, i will marathon it. If not, i will turn the other cheek. Ao no Exorcist looks a little dark for me, plus its getting WAAAAAY too many fangirls. But this season was great! Great shows, good release times, and a good variety! Can’t wait to see what will happen NEXT season…